Melanin Frequency

A Melanin Movement

What is the Melanin Frequency?

There is an energy vigil dedicated to the betterment of Melanin Dominant people worldwide.  It is called Melanin Emerging Collective Consciousness Alignment.  As you know, there are groups across the world that pray and meditate for global peace and love.  Though this has benefited the world, it is obvious that more is needed to dissolve the systematic and individual oppression of melanin dominant people worldwide.  Our collective is transmitting frequencies right now for the betterment of our people globally.  Each week a different Melanin Dominant group will be accountable for generating and holding the frequency.  We began transmitting the Melanin Frequency on Fall Equinox 2019.

The Call to a Melanin Movement

We are inviting our melanin dominant communities and individuals to join in a collective consciousness to shift the legacy of the global melanin dominant population.

We are calling for representation from our traditional African Religions (i.e., Vodon, Hoodoo, Yoruba, Akan, Kemetic), Black Wiccas, Olmec, Dogon, Moorish, Nation of Gods & Earths, UNIA, RBG, Economic groups, and any Melanin Dominant group in alignment with transmitting and holding the frequency for a shift in our legacy.  Only we can change the frequency.

Melanin Collective Consciousness

We send a perpetual transmission across the globe for the betterment of melanin dominant people worldwide.  Each week beginning Fall Equinox 2019, a different group is accountable for transmitting the frequency to upgrade our legacy worldwide.  Join us in transmitting and holding this frequency.

We are now in year two of our vigil and will continue the magnetism & amplification of the vigil with the focus of materialization of the energy of the frequency. 


Emerging Collective Consciousness Alignment

Sign Up to Host a Transmission

Each group sponsors one, 7-day cycle between the Fall Equinox of 2019 and 2020.  During your cycle, you will be accountable for transmitting and holding the frequency for our legacy worldwide.  Keep in mind this is a sacred function and should be taken in veneration.  Sign up and indicate how you or your group will transmit and hold the frequency during your slot. 


Join our Session

Every individual amplifies our transmission. Join us each week for our Sunday Night session to bring in a new frequency. As a collective we shift our own individual consciousness and then transmit out to our people globally.

Use our logo to meditate and hold the Melanin Frequency. The Torus symbol represents universal consciousness and the energy is constantly refreshing and influencing itself. Use it to amplify yourself and the legacy of Melanin Dominant People Worldwide.