Melanin Emerging Collective Consciousness Alignment

We are spreading the word about an Energy Vigil dedicated to the betterment of Melanin Dominant people worldwide.  It is called the Melanin Emerging Collective Consciousness Alignment now known as the Melanin Frequency.   As you know, there are groups across the world that pray and meditate for global peace and love.  Though this has benefited the world, it is obvious that more is needed to dissolve the systematic and individual oppression of melanin dominant people worldwide.  Our collective is transmitting frequencies right now for the betterment of our people globally.  Each week a different Melanin Dominant group will be accountable for generating and holding the frequency.

The mother of this movement is the High Priestess, Maat em Maakheru Amen who has been inspired for years to develop a movement through energy frequencies to shift the global consciousness of Melanin Dominant People. Through this inspiration she has mothered MIMEC (Melanated Immortals Making Evolutionary Changes), the Womb Evolution Technique (WET), co-mothered IMWHOLE. Her integration and experiences as the Mother of these organizations has led her to establish a Melanated Immortal Priesthood who are the primary facilitators of the Melanin Frequency. However, she knows that it takes more than one group to hold and transmit this frequency so she began asking her like-minded peers and family to sponsor a week between the 2019 Fall Equinox and 2020 Fall Equinox and the Melanin Frequency was born.

Although Maat, had the acronym M.E.C.C.A and 42 of the 52 frequencies, she needed help finalizing the name and the remaining frequencies. Just like any family, she solicited the help of one of her mentors Mama Nyame Selassie, author of the book from Gangster to Guru and High Priestess of the House of San Sau along with Professor Harold Causby, Co-founder of MIMEC, and finalized the 52 Week Energy Vigil currently being transmitted.

We are now in year four of the Melanin Frequency beginning with the fall equinox of 2021. We have now completed the year of materialization and have moved to the year of authority. Join us on Sunday nights at 6pm EST to find out more.

We host a weekly meditation call each Sunday night at 6pm EST to magnetize and amplify the frequency. This is an energy collective so each individual is just as important as an entire group. Empower your individual, family, and the collective melanin dominant legacy by adding your expression to the group.

“No people, place, or thing even with the aid of our own people will overtake and enslave our mind, body or souls – Melanin Frequency Wave 2”

Can we count on you?