Melanin Frequency Audio Book




This is a transmission directed to humanity from the melanin dominant priesthood, healers, shamans, spiritualists, Mamas, and Babas to elevate and evolve the status of the melanin dominant population to wholeness.
With this transmission we reclaim our space and legacy as the original peoples and majority legacy holders on earth, we release our people from enslavement and brutality and all remnants of post slavery distress syndrome across the globe. We understand that universal forces will enforce this edict. We are transmitting that our lineage is always free, accesses and operates on universal principles and knowledge, has unlimited wealth, resources, and natural technology. Our transmission overrides all other transmissions and energy fields that seek to reverse these objectives.
May the sleeping mothers awaken and active the code of Maat stored in the divine feminine system so that all future and present descendants are nurtured under this code. May the fathers activate this information their sacred seeds so that all future descendants receive dual activation of this code at the moment of conception.

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